Genesis - “Chayei Sarah” 24:2-14
November 21st, 2008

Genesis - “Chayei Sarah” 24:2-14

As much as I would hate to imagine what it would be like to marry someone I’d never seen before in my life, there is a point that can be taken from story. Abraham’s servant was looking for a gal with a real tender heart, someone who was both thoughtful and kind.

In today’s modern world, being kind and thoughtful ain’t good enough. This world is one in which we have customizable decorative skin coverings for the mp3 players that play music personalized to our specific tastes… in which cell phones allow us to directly reach the specific person that we want speak to at precisely the right moment… in which e-mail and IM chats have taken away the need to impress our love interests with basic grammar or various other displays of intelligence.

It’s too much of an effort a person can be not only thoughtful and kind, but compromising as well. By poring over the pages of the Old Testament and other Biblical books, perhaps we can find find sterling examples of how we should be setting our standards in today’s world.

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  1. Mike Lynch

    Hey, stop picking on STAR TREK fans, you Jedi girl you! ;)